Training Communications 

There are a few different Virtual Communications CPG members receive outside of physically training in the gym.

1. Programming Communication Checklist

2. Class Milestone Email Automations

3. PR Email System

4. Social Media Posting System

Programming Communication Checklist

The program communication checklist is designed to give members insight into the program they are participating in when training at CPG. It also is designed to keep members updated on our internal training schedule at the gym.

This system covers..

  • Announcing the New Primal Program to the tribe (main focus, themes, etc)

  • Mastery Day reminder sequence

  • "End of Program" Email Sequence prepping membership for the end of a 6-week cycle.

Class Milestone Email Automations

Our class milestone email sequence is built directly into Zen Planner, the system that tracks our members attendance. As members hit certain class milestones in our system they are sent an automated email that celebrates their individual accomplishment.

This way our members receive multiple modes of recognition for their individual milestone.

Check out ALL of our Class Milestone Emails HERE

PR Email System

The PR email system is similar to the Class Milestone Email's except for one small detail. They aren't automated.

Personal Records are a bit harder to keep track of. That's why we've created a simple system for capturing PR's and ensuring anyone who hits a PR receives a celebratory email.

The system runs like this..

  • A member hits a PR

  • A coach captures that moment via a picture (posted to CPG WOW Moments)

  • The coach ensures the members PR is captured on the Personal Record Board at the Gym

  • At the end of every week, the studio coordinator reviews the PR board, sends out the relevant personal record emails

  • Each week the cycle renews

Check out all the PR emails we have built out ready to send!

Social Media Posting System

Studio Coordinator and Marketing & Sales Director manage all organic social media posts on Instagram, Facebook Business Page, Primal People, and any misc Challenge Facebook.

YOUR Responsibilities Related to Social Media:

1. Participate in any info/tips videos as requested

2. PR and milestone photo posting (to be done within 24 hours)

3. You're welcome to post any content in our closed/private channels, but double check with studio coordinator before posting something personal in our public channels.