We run three specific programs at CPG: three specific goals.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Primal Strength
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: Primal Endurance
Mon, Wed, Fri 7am & Mon, Wed 7pm: Essentials

From a training perspective all of our programs are also always focused on three main things.

  1. Developing Members Kettlebell Skills

  2. Training the Five Basic Movement Patterns (Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat, Carry)

  3. Deliver an awesome member experience

No matter what session it is, the flow of the class is the most important aspect. Keeping members engaged and focused on the task at hand is always priority #1.



Essentials is our complimentary On-Boarding Sequence. New Members receive TWO complimentary essentials sessions when they commit to a membership at CPG.

During these introductory sessions new members will learn the basic exercises we use in team training. We teach six warm up exercises (3 bodyweight, 3 kettlebell specific), two fundamental kettlebell exercises (swing & getup), and finish each session with conditioning (fan bike) or strength endurance (carries).

The system is designed to bring new members up to speed to Level 1: Protege as quickly as possible (basic swing & get-up capabilities).

The Essentials System has four parts:

  1. The Warm-Up Sequence

  2. The Swing

  3. The Getup

  4. The Finisher

Once a member has completed both of their introductory sessions or previously given the green light by a coach on their 2H swing & getup technique they can join all of our regular classes!


PRimal Strong

Our Primal Strong programming runs on a 6-week cycle. Each program has a strength focused goal our members work towards over the course of the program. At the end of each 6-week block our members participate in either a “PR'“ day or a Kettlebell Mastery Day to wrap up the program.

We also use the Primal Strong days to work on our Kettlebell Mastery Skills. (Almost) every session will start with a Craft Your Skill with a specific level’s exercise being the skill of the day. These skills run on a cycle every 6-weeks to give our members multiple opportunities to learn new skills.

Strong programs usually follow the following structure.

  • 2:00 WARNING + 8:00 WARM UP

  • STARTERS + CRAFT YOUR SKILL (Mastery Level Specific)

  • STRENGTH: Main Focus

  • KB FLOWS (Strength/Endurance Focused)


The single most important aspect of all of our programming is the member experience. We know that we will have the best opportunity to deliver quality strength and skill to our members only if they enjoy coming to class and stay consistent over the long haul. This is why we must be acutely attuned to the details of every class. How does it flow? Are their any bottlenecks? Are there too many transitions?

These details can be the difference between a great member experience and a less than average one. Check out the link below to learn the entire Primal Strong Programming System.

Check out the Primal Strong Programming System + Yearly Schedule

Check out the Primal Strong Full Program Library


Primal Endurance

While our Primal Strong classes always have a focus and a target for your training, our Primal Endurance sessions aim to give our members some specialized variety. During these sessions we utilize all of the equipment at our disposal: rowers, sleds, fan bikes, kettlebells, bodyweight, bars, jam balls, bands, etc.

While these may not have a specific target like our Strong classes do, the focus on member experience is still top priority. The goal of these sessions is to let our members enjoy “one off” workouts when they are feeling like getting after it.

We are always looking for new and fun ways to design our endurance sessions to deliver heart pounding cardiovascular benefits. The endurance programing system is created to give coaches 10-15 different types of session structures to choose from. Coaches then have a library of different sessions to choose from for each structure.

Each structure has been battle tested to ensure it’s “experience reliability” on the floor. The coach programming for the 6-weeks then must confirm their isn’t too much overlap in movement patterns from day to day during the week.

Check out the Primal Endurance Program Library