The People Component


A simple equation…

Finding the right people for our organization comes down to a couple key equations. We are trying to find the right people and put them in the right seats.

Core Values + People Analyzer = Right People


Unique Ability + Accountability Chart = Right Seats

Right People

We take our core values at CPG very seriously. Our core values shape the culture our staff works in every single day. There is nothing more important to us than ensuring our staff loves coming to work every day.

Someone who doesn’t live those values just will not fit in our organization.

The People Analyzer

Once we established our core values, we needed a process to understand how all of us stack up against what we deemed was truly important. This is where the People Analyzer comes into the picture.

The People Analyzer easily allows us to measure whether or not we are living our core values on a daily basis.

Here’s how it works. We take your core values and use a simple rating scale to determine our accordance with each.

+ He or she exhibits that core value most of the time

+/- Sometimes he or she exhibits the core value and sometimes he or she doesn't

- He or she doesn’t exhibit the core value most of the time

The people analyzer is not meant to be a subjective opinion of an individuals personality. It is meant to be a process that keeps the best interest of the organization at the forefront.

The Right Seats

Unique Ability + Accountability Chart = Right Seats

Everyone has their own unique ability. Our organization is full of people with different strength and weaknesses. It is then our responsibility to take those individuals and put them in the right seat in the organization so they can flourish.

Our Accountability Chart

Our accountability chart displays every seat we currently have in our organization. Each seat has specific responsibilities & expectations. Each seat also has a specific number attached to it. The person who sits in that seat owns that specific number. Reference the data portion of EOS to gain a better understanding of the important numbers in our business.

View our Accountability Chart HERE.

There is one big rule when it comes to the right people in the right seats. There can only be one person per seat. The old saying goes, “if more than one person is responsible, no one is”. This simplicity creates clarity and ultimate responsibility for everyone.


We take one more thing into consideration when hiring new employees at Primal. Aside from our core values resonating with them, they must GWC their role.

Get it, Want it, & Have the Capacity to do it.

If they can say yes to all three of those statements, they will thrive i their role at Primal.