The 6 Week Challenge


The 6 Week Challenge marketing and sales system is our #1 way to bring new members into the gym. The system is laid out step by step below.

  • Challenge from a 10,000ft view

  • Lead Generation

  • Lead Nurturing

  • Sales Consultations

  • Fulfillment (Accountability Coach Roles)

  • Resell/Ascension

No matter what short term program we market, we always use this system to bring new people into the gym and sign them up for memberships!


 The 10,000ft View

We use our 6 Week Challenge as our ongoing sales funnel to bring new people into the gym. The system looks like this, we market a “first time promotion”, “brand new”, “FREE” challenge on social media. Our goal with our marketing material is to bring in as many leads as possible. Once a lead opts in for the promotion our goal switches to getting them to all into the gym for an in-person consultation.

Once they are sitting down in the consultation we go through a specific sales script getting them to talk through their fitness journey, personal struggles, and ultimately admit they are looking for something to help them reach their goals. We then explain to them all of the benefits of the challenge, how it works, specific GOALS, etc.

We then transition to the close. We explain to them the challenge is a $599 “security deposit” and if attend all your classes AND hit your goal, you get all of your money back. If you do not, we make you pay. We then go through specific objection overcomes with the goal of them deciding to “bet on themselves”, lay down the deposit for the challenge, and let us go to work to change their lives.

Below is an overview of each aspect of the 6 Week Challenge Funnel.

Lead Generation (the top of the funnel)

Social Media Ad —> Landing Page/Self-Scheduler —> Information Captured on our Leads Sheet (database) —> Slack Notification

Social Media Ads

In order to generate new leads we utilize social media marketing tactics. In order to utilize facebook ads you have to pay a certain amount per ads you are trying to run. These ads include an energetic video, ad copy, a specific location radius, and certain demographic targets (gender, age, profession, interests, etc).

In order to track how the ads are performing we track link clicks and form submissions. If a certain ad is performing well, we’ll continue to use that ad in our marketing efforts. If a specific ad doesn’t perform well within 72-96 hours we’ll pull it down and replace it with a new one. The entire system is an “art” as you are consistently tracking your ad spend across multiple ads.

In order to keep our ads “fresh” one a week the team comes together to “refresh the creative”. This is an hour blocked off during the week where we film new ads. We’ll work to tweak something specific about the ads we’ve already filmed. We’ll try and do everything we can to make it a little different. Filming location (in the gym or out of the gym), alternate the offer (promotion name), ladies vs men, energy levels, highlight different aspects of the challenge, etc.

The point being, in order to keep our ads fresh in peoples minds, they can’t be the same one over and over again. “Refreshing the Creative” has become a weekly workflow for our team.

The Landing Page

When a new lead clicks on one of our social media ads, they get shot straight to one of our landing pages. Once a person reaches a landing page we have only one goal: collect their information. These landing pages are designed to collect an individuals name, phone number, and email address.

The landing pages are designed to create the feeling of scarcity. At the top of the page we have copy that says “spots are running out fast” and below we have a timer counting down with a limited time to reserve one of the last spots.

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 10.55.24 AM.png

Creating scarcity, utilizing the term “free”, and giving a shrinking time frame are all tactics used to optimize the amount of leads we can capture through social media advertising. Once they submit their information they are shot to our Acuity scheduling app. This is where they are given all the available times to book an In Person Consultation with one of our Sales Managers at the gym. In that moment they either “self-schedule” and book an appointment to learn more about the challenge, or they don’t.

Either way, their information is “zapped” to our…

Leads Sheet (new lead database)

Our leads sheet is our internal database to track every new person that comes into our organization through a specific marketing funnel. When someone fills out a 6 Week Challenge form all of their information (name, email, phone number) is logged on to a row at the bottom of the sheet. This sheet is ultimately the place to track how our leads have been followed up with and what position they are currently at in our funnel.

When a new lead opts in for the 6 Week Challenge via Facebook our leads sheet looks like this..

The sheet states what the NEXT action is for that person in our funnel. We are ALWAYS either confirming an individuals appointment or reaching out to try and get them scheduled for their in person consultation. That process is called the Lead Nurture Process (we will cover below!). Point of this section is to understand this is the sheet that houses the information for ALL of our new leads. Once a new row is created in the leads sheet a communication is sent to they entire team to notify them about the New Lead!

Slack Confirmation Message

Slack is our internal communication tool we use as an organization. Once a new lead fills out their information, that information is added to our leads sheet, a notification comes across a channel on slack called #newleads. The message would look something like this.

As soon as the slack message comes through this starts the lead nurture process with a goal of getting them into the gym and signed up for the challenge!

 Lead Nurture

Every lead in our lead nurture system is broken down into HOT, WARM, and COOL leads. Each type of lead deserves a specific type of communication. The key here is all of these communications are personalized. Each one of these communications comes from the individual “on call” for lead nurture during any specific shift.

So, someone enters our funnel, fills out their information, and self schedules. They then become a…

HOT Lead

When someone is a hot lead they receive an immediate confirmation text to confirm their appointment. Our goal is to get in contact with those people as soon as possible to confirm the fact they will be showing up to the gym for their scheduled appointment. We know those individuals who go through and actually self schedule are more likely to show up to their consultations and sign up for the challenge.


A warm lead is someone who submits their information but chooses to not self schedule (for one reason or another). Those individuals receive what’s called a “double dial” meaning we call them. If they don’t pick up, we call them again. If they don’t pick up on the double dial they receive a “warm lead” text. Our only goal is to strata a conversation with them and schedule them for a consultation.

Cool Lead

A cool lead as I’m sure you can guess, is someone who isn’t responding to any of our communications. These individuals are put into a communication funnel that contains daily calls and “end of day” video texts". If, for some reason, we go 3 days without communication from those individuals we transfer them to an automated email schedule. As our time is better spent on the hot and warm leads in our funnel.

Check out the Step by Step Lead Nurture System

 Sales Consultations

*Side note* Before we get in to our step by step system to sell the challenge, we first follow the 5 steps to believing in yourself and the product

Step 1. Read awesome testimonial of client that you recently signed up.

Step 2. Workout before your consultations.

Step 3. Send smiling video texts to today’s appointments.

Step 4. Be in awesome, playful mood. Do your ritual!

Step 5. WOW! your customer the second they walk in the door!

Follow this process and ready yourself to take on any new lead that walks through the door!

Okay, we are back!

This is it.

We are finally sitting down face to face with a lead that found us on social media! We follow a simple 6 step process to effectively sell someone on joining the gym. This process has worked over and over again in the fitness industry (or any industry for that matter) to turn someone from a lead into a customer.

Step 1. Build Rapport

Taking the time to build rapport with any new person that walks in to your gym may end up being the different between if they sign up or not. People want to do business with people they like and trust, simple as that. Ask questions to get to know them, then listen. Listen carefully so you can repeat it to them so they know you are listening. Main point here, listen more than you speak.

You’ll also take this time to clarify their goal and why they came to us in the first place. “Why are you interested in a 6 week program like this? What’s your main goals?” are questions that hold the key to you closing them. Listen carefully and remember their answers.

Step 2. Identify & assign their pain + transition

Identifying and assigning the “pain” is all about understanding how long they’ve been trying and how long they’ve wanted to reach their goals. We ask questions ike “what have you done thus far?”, “how did that work for you?”, and “why don’t you think it worked?”. We’ll repeat this process until all questions and answers have been exhausted.

You then make sure to reiterate everything they just told you. Aka say it straight back to them. You then “increase the pain” by saying something along the lines of “you’ve tried all that and you still haven’t reached [insert goal], man that must be frustrating… what do you think has been the main thing holding you back?” They then identify the main reason they are coming to you in the first place.Getting them to verbally admit their main limiting factor is KEY.

You then transition to the pitch… “I think given what you’ve told me about [insert pain points] I think you’re really going to like this challenge. Do you want to hear more about how the challenge works?”

Step 3. The THREE pillar pitch + the “Reason why” close

Pillar 1. Fitness

Pillar 2. Nutrition

Pillar 3. Accountability

The close word for word:

“"The kicker then is, how do we make sure you are highly committed? Cuz, yes, we don't want to waste our time with people who are not going to show up or give us excuses on why they didn't come, or why they aren't doing the meal plan because it's too hard, yada yada.

So this is what we do... if you come to all 18 workouts, so 3 workouts a week for 6 weeks, you hit your minimum goal - cuz that's the only way we know you followed the meal plan - then the program is free!

If you don't... then we make you guys pay. So that's the motivation and why people get results with this challenge. Everyone's motivated by their own money.

So, we do a security deposit from the beginning and we hold on to your cash during the 6 weeks, but then we give it all back at the end if you complete the program. So that's how we really make sure you come.

So it's $599 today, that's what the deposit total is. So we're looking at 600 bucks. But, we only need $299 down and then on [4 weeks later] - so we give you a full month in between - we do the remaining $300. And then you'll get ALL $599 back when you complete the program. So that's how we make sure you participate.

And then after the 6 weeks you guys will get another discount on training here at CPG. It's normally $239 per month, you'll get $50 a month off. So if you want to keep going with us you'll get it for $189 per month.”

Then you sit quietly awaiting their response.

Step 4. Normalize & Overcome Objections

While I’m sure most of our people will never have objections and will freely throw their money at us because they are so geeked to get started. JUST in case we have a library full of overcome objections to keep in your tool box. Everything from price, to indecision, to needing a spouses approval, to forgetting their wallet! We have it all covered.

Best part is, as long as you have more overcomes than they have objections. You’ll usually find a way to close them so we can over-deliver on the whole working out and helping them reach their goals part.

Step 5. Contract + Payment + Schedule Weigh In

After you close you move on to filling out all the paperwork. This is where they agree to pay the security deposition and sign a liability waiver. They also agree to specific aspects of the challenge in order to “win” the money back. Weighing in each week, submitting a full deposit, writing a review about the gym, etc.

You then schedule them for their nutrition orientation which happens (almost) every Saturday. This is where they do their initial weigh in, body fat measurement, tech related stuff, nutrition overview, before pictures, and an overall presentation on how the challenge works logistically.

Step 6. Congratulate & Reiterate

At the end of the night when you are closing your sales shift. We do one last action to make anyone who committed that day feel confident in their decision. We send nightly “congratulation” texts.

We say things such as, “Just wanted to say congratulations on taking the first step towards truly really your goals. I know me and the entire team here at CPG are so excited to help you every step of the way. It’s going to be an awesome 6 weeks, can’t wait to get started!”

We send these texts in an attempt to try and mitigate any feeling anyone has on backing out before the challenge even starts. It does happen. These texts seem to keep people excited and optimistic instead of second guessing themselves and the financial decision they just made.

 Fulfillment (Accountability Coach Responsibilities)

When a new person joins the challenge they start a sequence of fulfillment by our team. Our goal is to over-deliver on the value we promised them in their orientation. Fulfillment from a 10,000 ft view looks like this…

  • Weigh In Day/ Nutrition Orientation

  • Sunday response to weekly Sunday text

  • Friday Weekly Skipio Check-In

  • On-Going: Respond to challengers reaching out via Skipio

  • Daily: Moderate the 6-Week Challenge Facebook Group

  • Deliver a world class training experience :)

Check out the exact step by step system for each of these responsibilities here.

Resell & Ascension 

Our ultimate goal is to sign every new challenge member up to a long term contract before the end of the challenge. We want a gym full of lifelong raving fans, not new waves of people looking for a quick 6 week challenge fix. Our system for selling our challengers starts with a “mandatory halfway point meeting” during the third week of the challenge.

During this meeting we attempt the 6 Step “Abandon Hope” Sale. The steps look like this…

Step 1: “How are you feeling?”

You want to start the conversation with some probing questions about their experience thus far in the challenge and in the gym.

  • How have you enjoyed the challenge so far?

  • How's the meal plan going?

  • How's has grocery shopping been?

  • How's the cookbook been?

  • How has meal prep been each week?

  • How has training been?

  • What are some things you've learned about yourself so far?

Start a conversation. Get them taking and you listening.

Step 2: Applaud their Progress

Transition to talking about the results they’ve achieved so far in the challenge. Doesn’t matter how big or how small. It matters that we have an opportunity to congratulate them on the progress the'y’ve made in less than 3 weeks.

"You've lost 8 lbs in less than 3 weeks, thats amazing! When was the last time you lost 8 lbs in like 2 weeks? How do you feel about that?"

"You are doing great! That’s incredible."

Step 3: “What was your long term goal?”

"Remind me again, what was your long term goal when you started this challenge?"

If their goal was to lose 20 lbs (or challenge goal) you want to focus on…

  • maintenance

  • not gaining it back

  • permanence

If their goal was to lose 45 lbs (unrealistic 6 week expectation) then you wan to focus on…

  • We are going to get you to that goal

  • maintenance

  • not gaining it back

  • permanence

You then want to transition to “increasing the pain” again. The same way we did during their initial consultation.

"Well how long have you been 45 lbs overweight? How long has that been a goal of yours?"

Step 4: The Reality Check

Guiding them to admitting that the long term goal is the actual goal. Not just a quick 6 week challenge fix.

"You know we weren't going to help you lose 45 lbs in 6 weeks right? But you know that the 45lbs is the real goal. Isn't it?

Not only will we help you lose the 45, but also help you learn how to keep that weight off. That's the lifestyle you are going for right? "

Step 5: Transition to the Early Bird Close

"Did I tell you about the Early Bird Discount?”

Oh, well I'm glad I remembered. With the early bird discount it means you automatically get to win the challenge. Basically it means you have no risk at losing the $599.

“Do you want to hear more about that?”

"With the Early Bird Discount since you seem like the type of person who really understands it's about 6 years or 60 years (aka long term)... it's about gaining the lifestyle needed to maintain those results long term. Not only just how you look, but how you feel as well. Living a truly healthy lifestyle as a habit, and not as a quick fix. You seem like the type of person who truly gets it... (behavioral congruence: aligning their sense of self with an aspirational version of themselves)

What we do with people who understand it's a long term commitment not just a quick fix.. we automatically let them "win the challenge" and get the challenge for free. We do that so we can truly help you get to that long term goal you just told me about. We want to help you get to that goal, and then continue improving from there."

Step 6: The Irresistible Close

Our goal here to to STACK value.

"So what we do is... we give you the challenge for free. We take your $599 deposit and credit it towards any of our regular membership prices and you get to lock that rate in as a lifetime rate. What we also do is waive the initiation fee we usually charge on these memberships, which is usually the first months payment, but we waive that for everyone during the early bird discount. Are you in?"

- 6 Weeks Free

- Lifetime Rate

- Waive the initiation fees