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expert kettlebell training for everyone.

Serious Fitness

Say goodbye to aimless workouts forever! We deliver quality strength and conditioning programs so you can train with a purpose and feel certain your time in the gym is well spent.

With our unique four-level Kettlebell Mastery System, you'll follow the same proven path that's helped hundreds of busy Chicagoans get strong and feel awesome over the past 5 years.


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Caring Coaches

We are experts in kettlebell training and have certifications from StrongFirst, the National Strength & Conditioning Association, Functional Movement Systems, and Precision Nutrition. 

More importantly, we take the time to learn the names, needs, and limitations of every member. Meet Chicago’s premier fitness team.

Amazing Community

Our members continuously tell us that the supportive and inclusive community is the real reason they come back week after week.

That's because CPG is so much more than just a gym. From challenges, to social events, to fundraising and more, our goal is to give you the motivation and accountability you need live a strong, healthy, happy life.



Your Strength Roadmap

a complete system to transform your fitness for life.


Our introductory class, Primal Essentials, is designed to teach new members proper technique with our basic exercises. Students graduate from Essentials by displaying safe technique with the swing and the getup

  • Most new members attend 3-6 Essentials classes before joining Primal Strength or KB Flow classes.

  • Experienced kettlebellers may skip Essentials with coach-approved technique.

1) Protégé

Level 1 focuses on truly mastering the basics. In addition to improving your swing and getup technique, the Protégé training program develops your core strength, joint stability, and movement quality to ensure you stay healthy throughout your Primal journey. New KB skills introduced in the Protege level include:

  • 1-Hand Swings

  • Double KB Swings, Cleans, Front Squats

Most members "Level-Up" from the Protégé program after about 50 classes (3-5 months).

2) Swinger

Level 2 is all about building long-term strength. As you get stronger, we progressively increase the challenge so you break through training plateaus! In the Swinger program, you’ll gain confidence using heavier weights and learn the final two exercises in the "Deep 6" progression:

  • Military Press

  • Snatch

Most members "Level-Up" from the Swinger program after about 100 classes (6-12 months).

3) Ninja

Level 3 is where you become a true Kettlebell Ninja. At this level, you'll have earned a significant strength education that will stay with you for life. No matter what life throws at you, you'll stay super fit with a single tool and a 4x6' square. New skills taught in the Ninja program include:

  • Double Snatch

  • Push Press

  • Clean & Jerk

Leveling-Up from the Ninja program typically takes 2-3 years of focused kettlebell training.

4) Master

Level 4 in the KBMS is reserved for our most skilled and dedicated members. Members in this level have access to advanced training protocols outside of our regular group training classes. To achieve “Master” status, a student must achieve the "Sinister" goal as outlined in the book Simple & Sinister:

  • Sinister Protocol: 100 1-Hand Swings + 10 Getups in 15 minutes
    • Men: 48k bell for swings and getups
    • Women: 32k for swings, 24k for getups

Don't just take our word for it...

Hey Coach!


Founder & Co-Owner

Sean oversees business operations, marketing and stategy. His mission in life is to ignite strength, health, and happiness in the lives of others.

After a 2-year stint in corporate finance, Sean realized his true passion for fitness and wellness. He founded CPG in 2013 after working with Division 1 college athletes, interning at the nationally recognized IFAST, and earning some of the industry’s top certifications, including CSCS, SFG, FMS and PN.

Sean graduated from Indiana University with a finance degree.



Co-Owner & Director of Strength

Grant is the co-owner of CPG. As Director of Strength, Grant develops our Team Training training program and oversees our coaching staff. He specializes in simple methods that achieve maximum results.

He holds CSCS, SFG, and FMS certifications and has a deep passion for continuing education in the strength and fitness world.

Grant graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a BA in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science.



Studio Coordinator, Assistant Coach

Karla serves as a strength coach and our membership coordinator. Her passion for all things healthy and desire to help others lead her to pursue a career in fitness.

In addition to serving as Assistant Coach, Karla specializes in working 1-on-1 with new mom’s looking to return to high-intensity training.

Karla holds a B.A. in Music from DePaul University and an M.M. in Music Therapy from Illinois State University. She is also an ACE certified personal trainer.


Communications Director, Assistant Coach

Kimberlee oversees all in-studio and virtual communication strategies, in addition to serving as an Assistant Coach in our Team Training program.

She is a certified intrinsic lifestyle coach specializing in behavior change and stress management with seven years of experience in fitness and wellness including a bachelors degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Dance/Movement Therapy from Wisconsin University.


Head Strength Coach

Peter comes to CPG after multiple years of experience coaching general population clients and athletes. Peter spent his first year at CPG as a member and currently is the only gentlemen in the gym to complete the 100 rep 5:00 snatch test with the 32k kettlebell.

Peter played goalie for the University of Kentucky and graduated with a degree in business administration. He is a certified StrongFirst Level 1 instructor and is ready to help the Primal Tribe get strong!

Our Membership

The Best Value In Chicago.


Team Training Class Memberships

CPG’s Team Training classes offer personalized training in a fun and motivating group setting. Team Training classes range from 12-25 participants and always include two certified StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructors. With a focus on long-term progress and a class schedule that expertly blends strength, conditioning, and camaraderie, you'll have all the pieces you need to become a fitness superhero!

Starting as low as $14/class, we proudly claim to be the best value in Chicago!

Semi-Private Training Memberships

CPG's SPT program offers a 100% individualized training plan built just for you. Whether you're looking to achieve a total body transformation, rapidly develop new skills, address chronic pain issues, or just improve your technique, we partner from the very start to build a workable plan to achieve your specific goals.

SPT sessions happen in groups of 2-4 instead of 1-on-1, giving you significant hands-on attention with the added support of a small group. Starting at $50/session, SPT is a total game-changer.

Class Schedule


Members: Reserve classes on zenplanner app or Chicagoprimal.