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conquer The 2018 fall tsc

StrongFirst's Tactical Strength Challenge is a semi-annual event where athletes from all over the world test their efforts in the Deadlift, Pull-ups, and 5-min Snatch Test.

Here at Chicago Primal Gym, we've spent five years experimenting with different training protocols to prep over 150 TSC athletes of all skill levels.

From 700lb deadlift pulls, to ladies ripping off 20+ pull-ups, to many successful 100+ rep snatch tests, we've seen incredible results from our expertly-designed programming.

This year, for the first time ever, we're taking our program VIRTUAL.

What We Offer

a program built just for you

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We've taken the best of our training protocols to design a simple, yet powerful TSC program that anyone can use to hit PRs come October 27th!

  • Individualized 6-week program (4-5 days/week)  
  • Smart progressions to peak your performance in the deadlift, pull-ups, and snatch at the right time
  • User-friendly mobile app to track everything all in one place
  • Your own personal coach to guide and hold you accountable
  • Awesome and supportive team to keep you motivated

TSC Ninja's just like you!

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John K. 

"I really loved that we had a 6 week program ready to go - that really helped me to stay on track and be focused!"
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Kristin H.

"Do the training, put in good time, do good work, and then just let go and have fun. That helped me feel less overwhelmed, and I felt really proud of how I did in that event! "
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Richard G.

"The best way to make sure you're training and moving forward is to have a concrete goal to go for. Training for the TSC is a VERY concrete goal."

virtual Program Options 

Standard TSC Program

  • Individualized 6-Week TSC Program
  • 4-5 days/week of virtual training
  • Specific Program Progressions in the Deadlift, Pull-Up, Snatch
  • Program Overview Session where a coach will walk you through your entire program. All of the exercises, progressions, and program details explained and understood before the program starts
  • Delivered via Fitbot App straight to your phone
  • Unique program tracking system via FitBot
  • Daily training notifications to keep you accountable 
  • Access to exclusive Primal TSC Training Facebook group 

Standard Price $99

TSC Elite

All of the GLORY of the standard program PLUS: 

  • ONE Weekly 30-minute Coaching Call  

Individual coaching calls are designed to help you keep a weekly pulse on your training progression. 

During these sessions a coach will help make any "in-program" adjustments needed to keep you on track. The coach will also share the secrets to dominating the TSC such as snatch test protocols, nutrition recommendations, and lifestyle habits to prep you for the big day. 

Elite Price $199

Grant & Sean Yell TSC

Hey Coach!


Grant Anderson SFG II, SFL
Sean Griffin SFG I

We're the owners of Chicago Primal Gym in Lakeview, Chicago. Over the last five years, we've coached 150+ athletes of all skill levels to successful TSC performances. 

Our goal is to help you train smart so you can stay healthy, get strong, and absolutely crush PRs come TSC day. 


A History Of Strength

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