Summer Slimdown Summary

Primal Crew!!
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Summer Slimdown Results!!!!

  1. Our Why (gettin’ real)

  2. The Stats

  3. Our Theory

  4. Point Earners and Winners

  5. Our Next Community Investment


I always learn so much every time we run a promotion for our community. It so often happens that for many people it hits the mark, but for some people it TOTALLY misses the mark. More than one CPGer mentioned to me that the term "Summer Slimdown” was misaligned with our historical focus on STRENGTH and HEALTH.

I was taught a similar lesson with the introduction of the Prestige Labs supplements. Some people have LOVED them and seen incredible results. Other people felt like CPG was straying from core values and missing the mark.

I figured this was the perfect opportunity to address both 🙂

The bottom line is this:

Our mission has always been and will continue to always be “To help as many people as possible live stronger, healthier, happier lives.”

Our Why >>> We chose to name the CPG summer challenge “Summer Slimdown” with the hope that the MOST people would participate. And we chose to promote Prestige Labs with the hope that the MOST people would adhere to the plan and see awesome results.

I wish we would’ve communicated this better because it pains me to think that any member of the CPG Tribe would feel like we no longer cherish and value above all else the STRENGTH, HEALTH, AND HAPPINESS of each and every member.

I wish we would’ve named it the “Summer Build Lean Muscle and Eliminate Stubborn Bodyfat Through Awesome Health Habits Challenge”…. but… there’s always next year!

With that said, the DATA really tells the story.


>>>>Participants reporting before AND after results LOST 249 POUNDS OF BODY FAT and BUILT 46 POUNDS OF MUSCLE!!!<<<<

  • PARTICIPATION — 99 Took “Before” Measurements

    • 67/99 took Prestige Labs supplements (68%)

    • 32/99 did not take Prestige Labs supplements (32%)

  • ADHERENCE — 60 Took “After” Measurements

    • 45/67 who took PL Supps (67%)

    • 15/32 who did not take PL sups (47%)

  • TOTAL LBS OF FAT LOSS (ALL participants) = 249 pounds!!!!

  • TOTAL LBS OF MUSCLE BUILT (ALL participants) = 46 pounds!!!!

    • that’s a 22kg Lean Queen worth of new Primal Muscle!

✅For the 60 members who reported BOTH before and after results✅

  • BODY FAT % LOST >2%

    • 30 members lost >2%… 24/30 took PL supplements (80%)


    • 30 members lost >4lbs of Body Fat… 25/30 took PL supplements (83%)


    • 30 members built >1lb of Lean Muscle… 23/30 took PL supplements (77%)

But What about the Intermittent Fasting? Great question!

I’m very confident that anyone who stuck to the IF protocol produced superior results to what would’ve happened without IF. I’ve heard so many people mention that IF was great and they could really feel the results. It’s a great strategy to look, feel, and perform better and I know some people are sticking with it.

And that’s what brings me around to my interpretation of the data for the Prestige Labs supplements….


1️⃣ Adherence to the protocol was significantly better for those who took Prestige Labs supplements vs those who did not (67% vs 47%).

**adherence = took before AND after measurements (i.e. “finished” the program)

2️⃣ 80%+ of the people who reported a more toned, lean, muscular (aka stronger-looking) body after the challenge took Prestige Labs supplements.

Is that to say that the only way to get great results is to take Prestige Labs supplements?


But it does clearly show that the people who took Prestige Labs supplements during the 28 Day Summer Slimdown produced (or at least reported) superior results to those who did not. Here’s why I think that happened:

1️⃣ The supplements work (or heck, maybe it was placebo)


2️⃣ The people who invested in the supplements were more invested in the process and executed on healthy habits more consistently

Anything that produces results like that, and I am all in!!

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 11.20.24 AM.png


As a reminder: Everyone earned points for taking before/after photos (1), 1 per pound fat pound lost, 1 per pound muscle gained, leading the tribe (5 points), and having incredible transformations (5 points)!!

Leadership Points (5) were awarded to MICHAEL SOWA and COURTNEY DUMAS for establishing dominance in leading the Primal Tribe! Michael gave the tribe awesome encouragement and resources in the Primal People Facebook Group and Courtney attends 110% of the classes encouraging new members, and providing endless energy and inspiration to everyone around her!

Transformation Points (5) were awarded to DIANA AGNEW and DANIEL KREBS. Diana dropped 6 pounds and 4.7% body fat and also hit a PR Get-up! Daniel dropped 8.7% body fat!!

Other than this, we had an endless list of amazing transformations. Leading the charge were:

Emily Nikfar, Brandon Sampson, Brian Lighty, Ryan Douglass, Matt Maggio, Kyle Tripp, Michael O’Leary, Alicia Foren, Andy Keefe, Alex Denis, Danielle Godar, Mary Karol, and Will Russo!

When all was said and done with the point totals…

join me in congratulating…

🥇First Prize Winners — Prestige Labs Ultimate Pack ($703 value)🥇

  • Daniel Krebs and Emily Nikfar

🥈Second Prize Winners — Prestige Labs 4-pack ($378 value)🥈

  • Ryan Douglass and Courtney Dumas

🥉Third Prize Winners — Prestige Labs 2-pack ($194 value)🥉

  • Kyle Tripp and Alicia Foren


We’re so excited to see such awesome results and so pumped for everyone who is feeling stronger, healthier, and happier going into the rest of Summer. Primal Summer — Get Into It!

However, one thing we weren’t thrilled about was the inconsistent measurement results that the handheld Omrons have produced. With that said, it’s time to level up the Primal Results department. One of our first initiatives from the Year of Change program is to invest in one of the most accurate weight + body fat analysis tools on the market, the InBody 270 Scale.

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 11.06.29 AM.png

We believe this will not only enhance the CPG member experience, but also give every one of our members the confidence and consistency they deserve when tracking their body composition changes over time!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the Summer Slimdown! Cheers to the strongest summer ever!

❤️ Team CPG

Sean Griffin