John K.

"Without question, the #1 benefit was increased confidence."

Question: Why did you originally decide to do private training at CPG? 
Answer: Even though I was receiving excellent coaching in class, I still struggled with challenges such as the initial roll to get-up and sloppy 1H Swings. I needed more help.

Question: What are the 1 or 2 most important benefits you've experienced from private training at CPG? 
Answer: Without question, the #1 benefit was increased confidence. With private training, I learned how to better execute the movement, which led to my getting more proficient and moving up a bell size! Another important benefit was that I can now confidently select the proper kettlebell weight for workouts in class without guessing or constantly asking a coach which bell I should use.

Question: What would you say to someone who is considering investing in private training at CPG? 
Answer: If you want to improve, your kettlebell skills, it is worth every penny. Sometimes it only takes a session or two to fine-tune your swings or get-up, or you can use your sessions to focus on more advanced movements like the snatch or the clean & jerk.

Question: How would you describe the level of coaching and instruction you receive? 
Answer: It’s top-notch! CPG coaches are the most amazing teachers you will ever meet! 
No matter what your skill level, the staff at CPG will definitely teach you proper technique, increase your swing proficiency, and make sure that you have fun and remain safe! CPG invests in the strength education of it’s coaches to ensure that your kettlebell experience is amazing! 

Sean Griffin