Class Schedule


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Primal Strength & Conditioning

Find your strength! CPG's signature Primal Strength & Conditioning classes focus on lifting heavy things and developing full-body stability and power. Each 60-minute class includes a thorough joint-mobility warm-up, hands-on skill development, and an expert blend of kettlebell strength exercises. Don't let the name fool you, this class still delivers plenty of endurance to ensure maximum fat-burning, muscle-building results.

Primal Sweat

Find your flow! CPG's Primal Sweat classes focus on developing full-body endurance through longer work sets, relatively lighter weights, and less rest between sections. You can expect to leave these classes feeling like you did just the right amount of high-intensity work, but not too much. Our focus on sustainability and long-term results means we'll never leave you crushed and unable to return the next day.

Primal Essentials

CPG's 40-minute introductory Primal Essentials class is designed to teach kettlebell newbies our two keystone exercises: the swing and the getup. Starting at the :20 of the hours listed above, Essentials will teach you the exact technique to maximize safety AND results in our training program. You'll be exposed to a variety of mobility and core exercises to build a strong foundation. The goal is for you to feel totally confident before advancing to the other Primal classes!


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