A Proven System To Transform Your Fitness.

Why Kettlebells?

We believe most people struggle to get in shape because they get bored with their routines. When you start swinging a kettlebell, you’ll feel the exhilaration of a natural movement you enjoy.  With a little coaching and the support of our community, you’ll want to swing them more and more, bigger ones, and in countless new ways.  Every single time you’ll be getting a full-body strength and endurance workout that will make you stronger, healthier, happier.  You won’t look back, we promise!  The trick is to get started.  

Enter the Kettlebell Mastery System! 


Our introductory class, Primal Essentials, is designed to teach new members proper technique with our basic exercises. Students graduate from Essentials once they feel confident with the swing and the getup

  • Most new members attend 3-6 Essentials classes before joining Primal Strength or KB Flow classes.

  • Experienced kettlebellers may skip Essentials with coach-approved technique.

1) Protégé

Level 1 is about building a foundation. In addition to improving your swing and getup technique, the Protégé training program develops core strength, joint stability, and movement quality to ensure you stay healthy throughout your Primal journey. New KB skills introduced in the Protege level include:

  • 1-Hand Swings and Double KB Swings 

  • Cleans

  • Front Squats

Most members "Level-Up" from the Protégé program after about 50 classes (3-5 months). It's around this time people start feeling and looking noticeably fitter than when they started.

2) Swinger

Level 2 is all about making progress. As you get stronger, we progressively increase the challenge so you break through training plateaus! In the Swinger program, you’ll gain confidence using heavier weights and learn the final two exercises in our "Deep 6" progression:

  • Military Press

  • Snatch

Most members "Level-Up" from the Swinger program after about 100 classes (6-12 months). By this time, you'll be so strong people will start asking for your secret.

3) Ninja

Level 3 is where you become a Kettlebell Ninja. You'll have earned a significant strength education that will last forever. No matter what life throws at you, you'll know exactly what you need to do to to stay super fit. New skills taught in the Ninja program include:

  • Double Snatch

  • Push Press

  • Clean & Jerk

Leveling-Up from the Ninja program typically takes 2-3 years of focused kettlebell training. At this point, it's very likely that you'll be the fittest person you know.

4) Masters

Level 4 in the KBMS is reserved for our most skilled and dedicated members. Here you'll receive exclusive access to advanced training protocols outside of our regular group training classes. To become a true kettlebell Master, a student must achieve the "Sinister" goal as outlined in the book Simple & Sinister:

  • Sinister Protocol: 100 1-Hand Swings + 10 Getups in 15 minutes

    • Men: 48k bell for swings and getups

    • Women: 32k for swings, 24k for getups

Achieving Master status is reserved for only the most dedicated strength enthusiasts.