Our Scorecards

We use a few specific scorecards in our organization. One of them assess previous performance, one gives us insight into our entire marketing funnel from lead generation to close rate, another gives us the opportunity to predict where we are going on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

We will go through each in more detail below.

Current Members & Leads Google Spreadsheet

This Current Members & Leads Google Spreadsheet is the working sheet that the scorecards below are housed in. In order for the scorecard data to be correct, each week the following tabs must be updated*:

  1. Current Members tab

  2. Current Leads tab

  3. EFT Changes (2019) tab

*Daily update Trello card

The Membership Scorecard

The membership scorecard gives us an accurate representation of the business we closed in the last 7 days. It also houses each weeks dataset so we can always look back and see how we have performed week to week.

Lead Scorecard

The lead scorecard gives us the opportunity to see over a specified amount of time our results in our marketing funnel. How many leads we generated, where they came from, how many booked, showed, who closed, and if they become an EFT member or not.

Great Game of Business Scorecard

The GGOB scorecard is built for us to predict how each critical number will pan out at the end of the month. It is built like an income statement with income, expenses, taxes, and bottom line profit. Every Wednesday we fill out our predictions, and flow down the entire sheet to see how our predicted performance trickles down to our bottom line.

The great aspect of the GGOB scorecard is the clarity it gives every single person on the team. Everyone owns a number on the scorecard and has insight into how their number truly impacts our overall performance as an organization.

GGOB scorecard update Trello card