Kettlebell Mastery Day


When do members #Levelup?

At the end of most 6-week programming cycles we host a "Mastery Day" at the gym. This day is all about setting PR's, challenging yourself, and moving from one level to the next within the Kettlebell Mastery System.

There are a few crucial components to running successful KB Mastery days.

  1. Mastery Day Checklist

  2. Mastery Day Structure & Experience

  3. "LEVELUP" Tracking Sheets

  4. Mastery Day Follow Up

Every Primal coach should know and understand exactly what it takes to host a Mastery Day at Primal.

Mastery Day Checklist

Communication Strategy

The goals of the communications strategy around KBMS Day includes education, hype, reminders, and celebration. The entire communication timeline can be found HERE, but an overview is listed below.

  • Two Weeks Out: Confirm with team in program stand and begin in-class announcements with info and reminders to RSVP

    • Example: “This is your opportunity to level up OR if you aren't quite ready, this is your opportunity to come set a benchmark for future progress!”

  • Wednesday of Week 5: Tribe-wide email to announce the final week of programming (to set PRs) and cue up the Saturday details

  • Monday of Week 6: Social Media reminders begin daily and optionally send another Tribe email

  • Wednesday of Week 6: IDS any organizational prep items still outstanding

  • Day of morning: Social Media reminder, and IG story posting throughout the morning as frequently as possible.

  • Day of afternoon: Summary post(s) on IG connected to our Facebook page. Tag every relevant member.

  • Day of afternoon: Launch Level-Up email notifications from ZenPlanner

  • Sunday after: NEW PROGRAM email sent to summarize new program cycle. This also includes a link to the Mastery social media post.

  • Monday after: Congratulate members in class. Add/change names on Find Your Strength wall.

Organizational Prep

  • Review KBMS Testing Slides

  • Create promotional tests in ZenPlanner

  • Assign coaching roles: leading /assisting and which coach leads each level

  • Assign administrative roles: sheets, check in, photos, and follow up

  • Ready the celebration boards (easily accessible)

  • Create an optional celebration station for your members to take photos with different props, signs, etc.

  • Set up Gold Star Challenge stations and signs

Mastery Day Tracking

  • Take action photos every session

  • Check all members into Promotional Test hour in Zen Planner

  • Gather all members Level Up tracking sheets

  • Enter member pass/fail result into their Zen Planner account (this initiates ‘congrats’ email if appropriate).

Session Structure & Experience

The KBMS testing structure is one of our more challenging hours to deliver because we are looking to “test” three different skill levels at the same time.

The day consists of skill practice, a technique check in, and a strength endurance finisher all designed for to give our members the chance to #LEVELUP into the next level in their progression.

While the session is a challenge, it is one of the most emotionally charged days at the gym for our coaches. Nothing beats seeing our members light up after completing a challenge they may have thought was impossible.

PS: We also do our GOLD STAR Challenges on KB Mastery Days. Check out the slides to see what those challenges consist of.

Check out the Session Slides HERE.

Level Up Sheets

During the session our coaches keep track of each members performance that day using our Level Up Tracking Sheets.

At the end of the session our coaches gather sheets and give them to the coach assigned with the admin duties. This coach updates the ZenPlanner accounts; the congratulatory email initiates (see above for more detail).

Check out the Level Up sheets HERE.

Mastery Day Follow Up Sequence

A fond and exciting memory of Mastery Day is punctuated by our high attention to detail in the FOLLOW UP after the event. As mentioned above, some key communications must take place:

  • During Event: Social Media stories

  • Immediately After: Automated Congratulations Emails via ZenPlanner

  • Day of Afternoon: Social Media summary posts tagging each individual

  • Sunday after: New Program Email to generate hype for new program AND a link to the summary social posts

  • Monday after: Verbally congratulate Level-Up members

  • Monday after: Find Your Strength chalk board updates