Kettlebell Mastery Systems

Our Kettlebell Mastery Programs are brought to life through a few key systems.

  1. Program Presentation

  2. Program Creation, Team Overview

  3. Daily Program Stands

  4. Member Celebration System

  5. Square System

  6. Equipment Needed

These are the core systems that run the Kettlebell Mastery System on a quarterly, weekly, and daily basis.

Program Presentation

We used to display the program via whiteboards, as most gyms like ours does. While displaying via whiteboards has it's advantages, subtle program nuances, ability for the membership to see the whole program..

It also has it's negatives.

Inability to standardize the way to program was displayed (handwriting differences) which caused inconsistency in the member experience. If the program was displayed in a less than optimal way some members couldn't read it, didn't understand the way we wrote the program on the board.

It also didn't allow us to easily keep a record of programs delivered to the Community. If we made slight changes we only made them on the whiteboard. Those changes were never logged and kept for future use if we ever ran a similar program in the future.

This is why we decided to take down the whiteboards, throw up some monitors, and start displaying our program via **Google Slides**

Our Mastery System displayed via Google Slides is our standardized way of building, presenting, and stockpiling tested Primal Programs.

Programming System

Programs at CPG are run on a 6-Week Cycle. Each day of the program aims to deliver a full body, kettlebell focused session. Since we run a 3-Level programming system (Protege, Swinger, Ninja) there is a lot of detail oriented work that goes into creating a new program.

We have a few goals with our programming...

  1. Teach and develop our members kettlebell skills systematically over time.

  2. Train the 5 basic movement patterns consistently

  3. Create programs focused on the member experience

Our basic process for creating programs is simple.

Daily Program Stands

The daily stand is our way of keeping every coach on the same page, delivering a consistent quality product on the floor. No matter who is the lead coach on the floor we expect all programs to run in the same manner. The way we disseminate this information is a loom video created by the Training Manager.

The daily stand allows for the morning shift coaches to pass down their learnings of the program to the coaches who are leading the evening sessions. It also gives us a quick chance to review the program that will be on the floor the next day.

The stand goes like this..

  • How did the program run this morning?

  • What's tomorrow's program look like?

  • Any member headlines? (pain, PRs, personal stories?)

Finishing with Member Headlines gives the whole team a heads up on important membership information. Is anyone in pain? Did we see any PR's or Class Milestones? Any stories or comments we could maybe write a card for or send a personal text about?

Member Celebration System

We celebrate THREE big things every day at Primal.

  1. Class Milestones

  2. Getup PR's

  3. PR's in anything else

Each of the above has a specific "board" our members gets to hold and take a photo with after each accomplishment. After we take those photos our Member Posting System starts right away.

  1. Take the photo

  2. Post photo to the NEW CPG WOW Moments Shared album

  3. Photo is posted to social media at the end of every week

Our TRIBE wall at every gym is split into class milestone categories (1-49, 50-99, 100-199, 200-299, 300+, 400+, 500+) Anytime one of our members hits one of these milestones everyone is updated via a SLACK notification. We then celebrate that moment in class by taking either a big group photo or an individual photo of that member.

We also always do our best to capture PR's during each session. If a member hits a PR we capture a photo of it. We do the Getup board separate because the getup is really the center of our training program at Primal.

The getup is one of the easiest exercises to gauge progress. When members go up in bells we capture that progress and celebrate it!

The Square System

Keeping the training floor organized is crucial to the overall member experience at Primal. Our square system was developed after continuously watching members swing at each other, do getups on top of one another, and display an unfortunate level of un-awareness we decided we needed to control.

We measured out our room, decided on our square dimensions (6x7), and squared out our entire training floor. The organization it brings to a room full of individuals performing getups is paramount.

We have also added a "Bell Zone" where members know to place their bell when performing swings of any kind. This ensures no members are swinging at each other during each workout.

This system may seem simple, but delivers massive value when organizing large groups of people with large hunks of iron.

Equipment Needed

The Bare Necessities

  • Kettlebells

  • Bodyweight

  • Pull Up Bars

  • Bands

  • Fan Bikes (New Member Conditioning)

  • Foam Rollers, LAX Balls

The Logistical Pieces

  • Rowers

  • Sleds (turf)

  • Battle Ropes

  • Suspension Trainers (Jungle Gym's)

  • Cook Bands

  • Bars/ Trap Bars

  • Weight Plates

  • Boxes

The Add Ons

  • Ab Wheels

  • Yoga Blocks

  • VS Sliders

  • Mini Bands