Creating Traction


Gaining traction in our organization we are actively working towards making our dream a reality.

Traction is created in our organization through our yearly system of meetings, rock setting, and weekly action items. The yearly breakdown looks like this.

EOS Annual Meeting Pulse

This meeting is all about creating goals for the coming year. Every time we set rocks (priorities) for the rest of the year we will reference the decisions made during this meting.

Who: The Leadership Team

Where: Off-Site

Duration: Two Full Days

Frequency: Every Year

Pre-Work: Completed vision/traction organizer, relevant financials for the coming year, thoughts on goals & priorities for the coming year.

Annual Meeting Agenda

Day 1

  • Segue

  • Review the Previous Year

  • Team Health Building

  • SWOT/Issues List

  • V/TO (through one-year plan)

Day 2

  • Establish Next Quarters Rocks

  • Tackle Key Issues (bugaboos)

  • Next Steps

  • Conclude

EOS Quarterly Meeting Pulse

This meeting is designed to identify the top priorities (rocks) for CPG in the upcoming quarter. Once all rocks are set, they are assigned to specific individuals and the 90 day world begins.

Who: The Leadership Team

Where: Off-Site

Duration: Eight Hours

Frequency: Every 90 days

Pre-Work: Completed vision/traction organizer, everyone’s proposed priorities for the coming quarter.

Quarterly Meeting Agenda

  • Segue

  • Review Previous Quarter

  • Review the V/TO

  • Establish next quarter’s Rocks

  • Tackle key issues

  • Next Steps

  • Conclude

EOS Weekly Meeting Pulse (Level 10)

This meeting is designed to be our one big checkpoint each week to run through our current financials, share what got done in the previous 7 days, what’s going to get done in the next 7 days, and an opportunity to all connect on the bugaboos present in our organization.

Who: The Leadership Team

Where: The gym

Duration: 90 minutes

Frequency: Every week

Pre-Work: Rock board on Trello, scorecard complete, issues solving track understood by everyone.

Weekly Level 10 Meeting Agenda

  • Segue (5 min)

  • Rock Review (on track/ off track) (5 min)

  • To-Do’s (what got done last week, still working on) (5 min)

  • Scorecard (20 min)

  • IDS Bugaboos (45 min)

  • Conclude (to do’s, rank meeting1-10)