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The Challenge:

transform Your body & health in 28 Days


We've spent the last five years testing and tweaking the Challenge training program so you get the best fat-burning, strength-building, energy-boosting results possible in only four weeks.

  • Classes. 3x per week small-group kettlebell classes
  • Coaching. Hands-on instruction from professional coaching staff
  • Full-Body. Balanced strength and conditioning workouts
  • Movement Health. Improve posture, flexibility, and core strength
  • Injury Prevention. Bulletproof your body from injury



Your challenge package includes a step-by-step workbook that'll show you exactly what meals and snacks to eat and what to avoid to effortlessly shed unwanted pounds.

  • Planning. Meal prep and menu planning for healthy kitchen habits
  • Checklists. Grocery checklists to make shopping a breeze
  • Portion Control. Say goodbye to calorie counting
  • Cheat Sheets. Remove the guesswork and eat what works
  • Recipe Sharing. Interactive private Facebook group

You'll receive genuine accountability from our expert coaching staff and daily motivation from Chicago Primal Gym's radically inclusive community. 

  • Private Facebook Group. Healthy eating tips & lifestyle hacks
  • Leaderboard & Prizes. Weekly scoring check ins & awesome prizes
  • Team Based. Teams of four for added support & motivation
  • Kickoff Workshop. Gain total confidence at the start
  • Wrap Party. Celebrate your success with the Tribe



Don't just take our word for it...

The Objectives:


Complete four workouts each week (8 points/week) 

Your challenge membership includes three coached Kettlebell classes/week. We'll provide a variety of home- and outdoor-based options for your fourth workout, or you can add-on another CPG class. Each workout is worth 2 points.

kim in class

Eat three primal meals daily & avoid dietary toxins (14 points/week)

Almost-effortless weight loss, all-day energy, and a total absence of sugar cravings are typical results.

  • Eat primal (1 point) = lean protein + vegetable + healthy fat
  • Avoid gluten, added sugar, and vegetable oils (1 point). 
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Slow life down once per day (7 points/week) 

You'll choose one simple daily habit to keep you focused and foster personal growth. Examples include: gratitude journaling, meditation, eating slowly, reading, or 8-hours of sleep. Each daily lifestyle habit is worth 1 point.

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membership options


Standard Challenger

  • Kick-Off Success Workshop

  • Three (3) Group Kettlebell Classes per week 🔥💪

  • Meal planning, recipes, and cheat sheets to remove the guesswork

  • Unique scoring system to keep you accountable and motivated

  • Four Week Primal Challenge Interactive Workbook

  • Access to exclusive challenge Facebook group

  • Before/After photos and body measurements (optional)

  • Chance to win AWESOME prizes

  • After Party celebration 🎉

Upgraded Challenger

All the glory of the standard package PLUS:

  • One (1) Semi-Private Session/Week

Semi-Private sessions offer a 100% customized training plan built just for you. We partner up to ensure your specific needs are fully met.

This option is perfect if you're dealing with chronic pain issues/other limitations, or if you'd just like more individualized programming throughout the challenge.


Hey Coach!

Your Challenge GURUs

We are experts in kettlebell training and have certifications from StrongFirst, the National Strength & Conditioning Association, Functional Movement Systems, National Wellness Institute, and Precision Nutrition.

More importantly, we take the time to learn the name, needs, and story of every challenger. That's because our mission is to ignite and inspire your full potential in life. We are your sherpas on the journey to strength and happiness!


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Our Space

lakeview's hidden gem

Centrally located in Lakeview (1235 W Belmont) a short walk from the Red, Purple, and Brown Line Belmont CTA, CPG is a beautiful 4,500 square foot open air kettlebell training studio. We've been teaching busy Chicagoans kettlebell swings and get-ups in the neighborhood proudly since 2013. Check us out at


Class Schedule

Starts September 17th


New member participants will join one of the following groups for the duration of the 4-week Challenge. You may switch out of your primary group up to four times.

  • GROUP A - 7:00 AM MON/WED/FRI (2 spots left)

  • GROUP B - 9:00 AM MON/WED/FRI (3 spots left)

  • GROUP C - 7:00 PM MON/WED + 6:00 PM FRI (2 spots left)

  • GROUP D - 7:00 AM TUE/THU + 8:00 AM SAT (SOLD OUT!)

  • GROUP E - 5:00 PM TUE/THU + 8:00 AM SAT (2 spots left)

  • GROUP F - 7:00 PM TUE/THU + 8:00 AM SAT (2 spots left)