What Are You Training For? (TWGU Vol. 4)

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Tuesday 9.10.19

Happy NFL & NCAA Football season, fans! September brings another great human past time to CPG: picking up heavy things. Let's Get-Up & Go this week!

By Sean Griffin
What are you training for? At Chicago Primal Gym, we believe in training with intention. Following a plan is a great way to stay engaged with your workouts when others fizzle out. 

StrongFirst's Tactical Strength Challenge provides CPG students with a fun event, international competition, and an incredibly effective training program with three clear training targets:
  1. Barbell Deadlift (1-rep max) 
  2. Pull-ups or Flexed-Arm Hang (1-set max)
  3. Kettlebell Snatches (max reps in 5:00)
Want to get super strong and have a blast with us on October 26th? Join CPG's TSC team!
CPG TSC Team 10/26/19
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Getting lean is simple, but not easy. The key is consistency. That’s it. No magic tricks or complex plans. Just a simple plan and Herculean consistency.

That's why I make Meal Prep the Anchor Habit of my weekly routine. It keeps my nutrition simple and consistent.

Make A Grocery List (use AnyList)
 Buy Groceries
 Batch Cook
 glass Tupperware it
 win your whole week

If you just set aside 2-3 hours each weekend, you can set your whole week up with delicious fat-burning-muscle-building meals. That's an investment I can get behind and you should too!

Last week I posted on Instagram to share my morning routine. It's straightforward and super simple (only takes 5-10 mins), but this powerful habit of stating my desires and intentions every single day has been a continual source of positive results in my life. 

I drew inspiration from the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success outlined by Deepak Chopra in this beautiful little book. If you order it and like it please tag me on IG @primal_seamus to let me know you picked it up!
Community is our secret sauce. Check out last week's highlights.
CPG Swinger of the Week
Cheryl Potts is one of the most inspiring people training at Chicago Primal Gym. A busy Executive Director, Cheryl has been extremely consistent for the past year, which has allowed her to set multiple PRs and absolutely crush "Fourteeners" ⛰️ at will. Cheryl also does one hell of a Bruce Springsteen karaoke. 🤘 Keep rockin, Cheryl!
"During class: 'The weight on these kettlebells is too light.'
Twelve hours later: 'Why can't I lift my arms up?' "

Veteran swinger, Cheryl Potts, knows a thing or two about selecting the right training weight. Even still, sometimes our Primal workouts sneak up on our members. 
Tactical Strength Challenge - Celebrating 6 Years!
CPG hosted it's first TSC five years ago. In that time, we've had over 250 individual participants and a whole lot of PRs. Check out the hilarious photo albums (Halloween costumes!!) from our 2015 and 2018 TSCs and this inspiring recap of the 2017 Halloween TSC.
Bears & Barbells TSC Workshop (Sunday 9/15 @ 2 PM)
Speaking of getting ready for the TSC... this Sunday at 2:00 PM (9/15), CPG is hosting a special Deadlift workshop with the Bears game after! We'll do the same thing the following Sunday at 10:00 AM (9/22) as we host a Snatch & Pull-up workshop followed by Beers & Bears.

If you're doing the TSC, don't miss these workshops!
Upgraded Instagram Profile

We've been hard at work adding fun, valuable content to the CPG Instagram account. From simple strength flows to recovery tips to inspiring transformations, there's something for everyone looking to make their day more primal.

That's how old my daughter, Madeleine, turned this past week. Amanda (Mom of the Year 2019) and I celebrated 12 months of parenting success with Maddie's first-ever cupcake.
"To the parents of the world: stay strong."
This quote is from me. Parents who stay fit have become my real heroes in the last 12 months. So much effort goes into making the time to exercise. If you're crushing that right now, then you're probably crushing everything else too. Get it moms & dads!
Synchronized Strength
We all know synchronize swimming, but what about synchronized Turkish Getups? Check out our 6 PM class last Thursday dialing in our favorite strength skill.
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