There are STRONG WOMEN here at CPG! (TWGU Vol. 2)

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Tuesday 8.27.19

Wanna get the most out of your workouts? Then do what the all-star females of CPG do: get stronger! Read on for tips and inspiration from some of Chicago's strongest ladies. It's Time To Get-Up and Go.

By Sean Griffin
"I've always wanted to do a pull-up but I've never been able to." I hear this all the time from CPG members. The truth is, most people (men & women) are unable to complete even a single real pull-up. 

The good news is, with the right training, anyone can hit their first Pull-Up. Primal vet, Lindsay Ditto, demonstrates an impressive strength feat with 7 pull-ups on her 40th birthday.

Check out this awesome progression from Strongfirst to go from zero to one. Stay patient, Lindsay started at zero and built up to seven pull-ups over the course of 4+ years!
What if I told you you could get better sleep, have more energy, consume fewer calories, and reduce body fat by doing just this one thing? Limiting your alcohol intake can make the difference between a just ok body and one that will have people asking for your secret (trust me).

If you want to drink less, replace alcohol with Topo Chico! The nice glass bottle and carbonation make it drink like a beer. To really step your game up, try hopped water like this one from Lagunitas. #nomorehangovers
Ok, so maybe you don't want to give up alcohol. How about trying out my #1 Mental Fitness Habit instead? Meditating for just ten minutes daily has brought more mindfulness, patience, and contentment into my life and it is scientifically proven to do the same for you!

Not sure where to start? Try Calm or Headspacewho both offer free trials on their mobile apps. I also recommend this meditation pillow
Community is our secret sauce. Check out last week's highlights.
CPG Swinger of the Week
Cassie Hernandez is the most consistent member in CPG history. Just yesterday, Cassie become the first student ever to attend 800 Primal Classes. Behind the impressive attendance record (99% have been 6 am classes) is a special human who exemplifies the best of our Primal Tribe.
"On days I don't want to go I remind myself that I've never regretted going to the gym, only not going. I've never felt worse after a trip to the gym, only better!"

Well said, Cassie Hernandez, well said.
Kettlebell Mastery Day
Check out the results from our August 17th Kettlebell Mastery Level-Up Day. A very special shoutout goes to four members who officially passed our Ninja Level testing.
  • Piet Walvoord
  • Abby Andrick
  • Kristina Feltz
  • Kate Miller
Check out this beautifully designed KBMS Progression Chart to see the qualifications for each level in detail.
Hybrid Highlights
Our new Virtual Coaching & Accountability program has been going strong for almost 8 weeks now. Check out these results from a former member who moved to Philadelphia last year and just started in our online coaching program.
National Dog Day

Did you know yesterday was National Dog Day? My pup Ziggy spends an hour a day chasing his frisbee at CPG. Talk about a fit dog! Maybe one day he'll even become First Pooch! #ziggyforpresident

That's how many months it took Cassie Hernandez to attend 800 CPG classes. Considering Cassie was pregnant for 10 months in 2018, her 12.7 monthly average over that 5 1/4 year span is something we all can aspire to! 
"Before CPG, I never knew I had the ability to be strong. Now I'm always looking for my next challenge."
Strength wisdom from CPG member, Lindsay Ditto, who hit 7 pull-ups this year on her 40th birthday... with her son filming and cheering for her! 
All Out Effort
You've got to see this amazing all-out effort by CPG's Kate Miller as she finishes the 100 rep snatch test at our Level-Up day.
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