The Weekly Getup Vol 1.

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Tuesday 8.20.19

It's Sean Griffin here from Chicago Primal Gym. I’m writing today to introduce a brand new weekly initiative to help you live a stronger, healthier, happier life. The concept is simple: every week I’ll share three easy-to-execute tips that you can immediately put to use this week to improve your life. It’s Time To Get-up and Go!

By Sean Griffin
Deadlifts offer amazing strength and body composition benefits, but they need to be performed properly to avoid injury. Here’s a simple deadlift technique tip from CPG Director of Strength, Grant Anderson
So many people associate deadlifting with back pain, but we’ve found exactly the opposite. When you learn to do this exercise right, you bulletproof your back!
Eating enough green vegetables is a great way to have more energy and leaner body composition. Here’s an essential kitchen tool that I use to ensure I eat 3-4 bunches of greens every week...a salad spinner

Try this prep hack: buy 3-4 bunches of your favorite greens (kale, spinach, chard, etc.). When you get home, roughly chop the veggies, wash them in the salad spinner, and store them in a quart-size plastic bag in your fridge for up to 10 days.
How do we stay happy? This is a question I’ve thought a lot about in the last decade and there’s one strategy I've returned to often with success: gratitude journaling. Here's my favorite journal: The 5 Minute Journal
The simple AM/PM routine to each day will have you feeling more grateful in your daily life.
Community is our secret sauce. Check out last week's highlights.
CPG Swinger of the Week
Alan Robbins is infectiously positive. His training regimen is impressive as well, with 355 classes since starting at CPG in January of 2017. 
"The secret to staying so consistent is to commit to a workout schedule, eat a healthy diet and have the desire to keep getting strong. Most of all, it’s just so much fun to be around really nice, positive people."

At 65 years old, Dr. Alan Robbins consistency in the last two and a half years is even more impressive. Congratulations, Alan!
Busy Young Moms
How do you fit it all in? Check out this popular post I made about my wife's weekly fitness/food prep routines. Amanda is able to balance a management job in big law with being a new mom and is still able to take the time to train 3-4x per week... in our basement!
SweatAngels Fundraising
In July, Facebook check-ins at CPG directly resulted in over 29,000 gallons clean drinking water for people in need through Causely partner, H2OpenDoors. In August, we're helping build a school in Senegal one check-in at a time!
InBody Scans

CPG just invested in an InBody 570, which is an advanced body composition analyzer that goes beyond traditional body composition analysis, measuring fat, muscle, and total body water. This in-depth breakdown takes goal-setting and progress tracking to the next level.

Want to see exactly what you're made of? Book a FREE InBody Scan here.  

That's how many kettlebell snatches an individual has to successfully complete in 5:00 in order to pass the Ninja test in CPG's game-changing Kettlebell Mastery Training Program
"Gotta go for that Master test now."
CPG Member David Kolber says after successfully completing 100 reps for the first time during this weekend's Ketllebell Mastery testing. The 5:00 Snatch Test is a grueling, all-out effort. To hit 100 reps, you need a high level of strength AND endurance, making it an incredible challenge even for the most fit.
A Look Inside CPG
Check out some live action from this week's classes. 

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