Let's Get Strong!

Let's Get Strong!

Take a look inside CPG!

Our entire community is built around getting strong and having fun. It’s also built around the kettlebell.

Check out this video to get a glimpse into our community and our training program!


CPG Team Training Program

Achieve your fitness goals in a fun and highly personalized group setting.

CPG’s Team Training program expertly blends three key elements of long-term success:


  1. Skill Development. Learn safe and effective kettlebell training, progressively developing skill and strength.
  2. Hands-on Coaching. Receive personal coaching at all stages of progress. Learn each new exercise with proper instruction from coaches who actually care.
  3. Supportive Tribe. Unconditional positive regard ensures all members have fun and feel welcomed in the Primal community.


CPG Strength Mastery System

Master the skill of strength safely over time through our proprietary system.


Our intro level is designed to build a foundation of safe kettlebell training. Proteges are exposed to various primal elements (rower, jump rope, crawling, pushing, pulling) and develop proper core position and control. The primary goal for Proteges is to learn the KB swing and getup.


  • Train – KB deadlift & goblet squat, basic KB safety, primal movement elements.
  • Learn – KB swing and getup
  • Test Out – 2-hand swing (100) + getup (5/5) in 20:00. Men use 24k & 20k. Women use 16k & 12k
  • Estimated Time – 2-4 months


Swingers continue to build 2-hand swing and getup strength and also learn the all-important 1-hand kettlebell swing. Major movement limitations should be removed before advancing any further.


  • Train – 2-hand swing and getup
  • Learn – 1-hand swing
  • Test Out – “Simple” goal: 1-hand swing (50/50) + getup (5/5) in 15:00. Men 24k, women 16k
  • Estimated Time – 3-6 months


Swinger+ members learn double kettlebell technique with the clean and front squat. An intermediate level of strength and skill has been developed at this stage, typically requiring 6-12 months of consistent training.


  • Train – 1-hand swing and getup
  • Learn – Double KB clean and front squat
  • Test Out – 1-hand swing (10/10 reps) + getup (1/1 reps) men 32k and women 20k. Plus double clean (5 reps) and double FSQ (5 reps) men 24k and women 16k.
  • Estimated Time – 6-12 months


In the final level of our SM system, you’ll learn the kettlebell press and snatch. Primal Ninjas have displayed impressive strength and technique with the swing, getup, clean, and squat, and are ready to elevate their training to levels that may have seemed impossible at the start.


  • Train – Swing, getup, clean, front squat
  • Learn – Press and snatch
  • Test Out – Proficiency with all Deep 6 skills plus 5:00 snatch test (100 reps). Men 24k and women 16k.
  • Estimated Time – 12 months or more

Members who test out of Ninja level receive our coveted Primal Master title, opening the door to advanced training protocols and specialized programs to ensure sustainable results and a hell of a lot of fun.


Private training at half the cost! Whether you’re looking to enhance posture, eliminate pain, rapidly develop your skill, or achieve a massive transformation, we’ll work together to design a 100% customized training plan to conquer your loftiest goals. Your training sessions happen in groups of three instead of 1-on-1, providing motivation, accountability, and more laughs. Starting at $45/session, Semi-Private is the ultimate investment in your long-term wellness.


Our program only works if you’re completely satisfied with the value CPG adds to your life. If you’re not loving your experience and results after 30-days, we’ll give you your money back. We’ll even help you find your perfect fitness home in Chicago.

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