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The secret to staying fit is finding a gym you actually enjoy going to and a community you actually enjoy being a part of. Then training doesn’t feel like a chore.

Make sure CPG is the right place for you with our free Intro to the Kettlebell trial week. No strings attached. No experience required.

What should I expect during the trial week?

During your trial week, you’ll take part in our Kettlebell Essentials class, which is expertly designed to fast-track your performance with our two foundational kettlebell exercises: the swing and getup.

When can I attend?

Kettlebell Essentials classes are available at the following times:

  • 6:00 AM Tu/Th
  • 7:00 PM M/Tu/W/Th
  • 6:00 PM Fri
  • 11:00 AM Sat

Our Strength and Endurance KB Flow classes open to you once you’re proficient with the swing and getup. This typically takes 2-4 weeks.

Do I need to be experienced?

Absolutely not! We’ve worked with people of all ages and skill-levels. Whether you’re a seasoned gym-vet or you’ve never exercised in your life, our program will meet you where you’re at and set you up for continued success as you develop new skills.

What are Kettlebell Flow classes like?

Each Kettlebell Flow class is 60 minutes and contains an optimal blend of mobility, strength, and endurance so you’ll look and feel your absolute best. Classes typically contain 15-25 members with 2 coaches. You’ll receive an unmatched level of hands-on coaching attention to ensure you perform each exercise safely and effectively.

KB Flow classes are only open to members who demonstrate proper technique with the swing and getup. Click here for more info on our classes.

What's the next step to getting started?

If you’re ready to start your free trial week, simply fill out the form using the button above and a coach will be in touch shortly to schedule your first visit!

How much are memberships?

You can see all our Team Training pricing options below. We also offer private training and nutrition coaching. For more info, fill out the free trial form above and we’ll get in touch shortly!

After Your First Week

If you’ve found your new fitness home, your next step is to pick the Intro Membership that best suits your needs and goals.

30-Day Intro

No Strings Attached
$239/13 classes
  • Ability to upgrade to four-month within first 30 days and save $220!

4-Month Paid In Full

Unlimited Classes
$679/Paid In Full
  • Save up to $277 and get unlimited classes with our 4-Month Paid In Full Intro Membership!

Standard Memberships

We offer month-to-month and 12-month memberships. You choose from 9, 13, or unlimited monthly classes. We’ve got a solution for any individual willing to put in the work.

9 Classes Per Month

12-Month Membership
  • Month-to-Month for $189

Unlimited Classes

12-Month Membership
  • Month-to-Month for $289

After Your First Week

If you’ve found your new fitness home, your next step is to pick the Intro Membership that best suits your needs and goals.

Intro Memberships

If you’re new to CPG, you’ll choose one of our Intro Memberships. Designed to maximize your performance and results, these memberships are for both beginners and experienced kettlebellers.

  • 30-Day Intro Membership: $239 no strings attached (with ability to upgrade to 4-month within first 30 days and save $220)
  • 4-Month Intro Membership: $139 for first month + $199/month for remaining 3 months.
  • 4-Month Paid in Full: $679

Standard Memberships

Choose from unlimited, 13 classes, or 9 classes per month. Whatever your goals and availability, we have a membership for you.

  • Month-to-Month
    • Unlimited: $289/month
    • 13 Classes: $239/month
    • 9 Classes: $189/month
  • 12-Month
    • Unlimited: $239/month
    • 13 Classes: $199/month (our most popular)
    • 9 Classes: $159/month
  • 12-Month Paid in Full: $2,400

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