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Chicago Primal Gym delivers awesome workouts in a fun group setting to inspire your strongest life. Our unique blend of serious training, caring coaches and an inclusive tribe will make an hour at Primal the best part of your day. Your first class is free, so go ahead make moves – we got your back.

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Upgrade Your Fitness

Over the past four years, our program has helped hundreds of Chicagoans discover a simple and repeatable approach to strength, health, and happiness.

I lost 25 pounds, I’m 100% stronger (not a scientific measure but who cares). I feel better, sleep better, eat better (sometimes…), I have sweet guns, and someone complimented my leg muscles the other day. I’m still a shitty listener, though. CPG has done nothing for my listening skills.

Sarah G.

Teacher, 28 years old

In one of the most insane years of my life, CPG has kept me centered. It has been the one place for an hour I can escape from answering work emails and calls, and focus on myself. I’ve lost 30 pounds, dropped 3 pant sizes, and am in the best shape of my life.

Marty P.

Restaurant Manager, 31 years old

Before joining CPG, I never knew that I had the ability to be strong. You guys have completely changed that and now I’m always looking for my next challenge. Also, it’s an added bonus that I have the best abs of my life AFTER two pregnancies.

Lindsay D.

Lawyer, 38 years old

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The Primal Tribe is full of friendly people of all ages and skill levels. Our beautiful space is made to feel like home. Our classes seamlessly blend cardio, strength, and camaraderie. Going to the gym has never been so enjoyable.

Real support makes all the difference.

Our members continuously tell us that the community and friendships they develop at CPG are the keys to long-lasting healthy habits. What are you waiting for?

Chicago Primal Gym

Chicago Primal Gym
1235 W Belmont, Door B
Chicago, IL 60657

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