Get Strong, Have Fun,
Be Awesome.

We combine kettlebell strength training
with a ridiculously good time.
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Get Strong, Have Fun,
Be Awesome.

We combine kettlebell strength training with a ridiculously good time. Let's Get Started

Welcome to Chicago Primal Gym in Lakeview! We provide innovative group training to help you:

   Build super hero strength
   Look and feel like a badass
   Fall in love with movement

Our goal is not to grind you down, but rather build you up in a thoughtful, sustainable way. We help individuals of all skill levels invest in their long-term health and happiness 🙂

We build strong, healthy, happy Chicagoans!

1) Try a Free Session

The best way to experience CPG is to try a free 60-minute session. You’ll meet our amazing coaches, learn our basic exercises, and get an awesome workout!

2) Primal Foundations

The next step is our Primal Foundations program. This four-session course will develop your fundamentals and help you master technique. All skill levels are welcome!

3) Become a Member

Membership includes innovative training, social events, team competitions, and so much more! We stand by our program with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What is Primal?

Our philosophy is rooted in three simple principles:

   Perform quality movement
   Eat real, whole food
   Embrace a positive mindset

Further, we believe improving your health should not be done in isolation, but rather in the company of a fun, supportive community.

If you’re looking to run on a treadmill or do bicep curls, we’re not the best fit for you.

However, if you’re ready to truly invest in yourself, get amazing results, and have a blast doing it, then we encourage you to check us out.

Chicago Primal Gym is full of amazing people who’d love to help you get better 🙂

— The primal tribe —

In April 2016, we hosted the Tactical Strength Challenge for the third time. We had one of the largest groups in the world and saw nearly every participant set a new personal record. More importantly, our community raised more than $10,000 for the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation! Special thanks to Five Shore Media for the video.

This gym is absolutely amazing. I’ve been raving about this place to my friends and family ever since I started back in May. Everyone is friendly, approachable and positive – we all come in to work hard but we have a little fun along the way.

Tess M.

Marketing, 26 years old

CPG has challenging workouts, fun people, and smart coaches who offer 1-on-1 like training.

Haley B.

Marketing, 26 years old

Training at CPG is like having a personal trainer in a small-group setting. It’s ruined all other group classes for me due to the personalized attention.

Patty M.

Corporate Recruiter, 39 years old

CPG has an awesome community focused first and foremost on proper technique and well rounded health/fitness. With top notch instructors, it’s a gym where a person of any fitness level would be comfortable.

Andrea J.

Accountant, 26 years old

When I describe CPG, I always talk about the high quality of the coaching – the intelligent thoughtful programming, but also the careful attention to correct movement – and the focus on the primal philosophy.

Tom B.

Architect, 52 years old

My favorite thing about CPG is the amount of support I get. I can’t be trusted to work out on my own, and Sean and Grant lead each training and give everyone one-on-one feedback and support.

Mary B.

HR Coordinator, 27 years old

CPG specializes in group training that is focused on kettlebell movements with excellent coaching. Don’t worry about your limitations or fitness level because they will help you scale your training.

Ryan C.

Comedian, 28 years old

CPG is a gym that has it all. The trainers focus on teaching fundamental movements and exercises in a safe and efficient manner.

Eric H.

Engineer , 26 years old

It’s more than a gym, it’s a way of life where you connect with other people and build a positive relationship with yourself and others in the community.

Jess D.

Advertising, 28 years old

Sean (owner/founder) and Grant (strength coach) are very creative, welcoming, funny and encouraging. This makes them ideal people to run this place especially if you are new to the gym.

Dan M.

Office Manager, 31 years old

CPG has group training classes that focus on strength (using mostly kettlebells). In addition to amazing coaching, (i.e. they actually care that YOU get stronger / fitter / better), it’s one of the best group of people I’ve ever been around.

Eleanor B.

Marketing, 30 years old

They provide group training that accommodates any skill and strength level with an awesome, upbeat atmosphere.

Amanda M.

Teacher, 23 years old

Chicago Primal Gym

3412 N Sheffield
Chicago, IL 60657

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